Educating young school children about milk production

03-10-2014 | |
Educating young school children about milk production

Schools from around Madison are invited to bring their young students to the World Dairy Expo to learn more about the dairy industry and milk production in particular.

Being the dairystate of the US, only second in production to California, many youngsters have roots to dairy farms.

That said, educating them about the latest developments and giving them a great field trip experience only helps in bringing them closer to the industry. Special tours were organised through the new animal housing, with a great experience in the Boumatic milking parlour.

Image from World Dairy Expo

Seeing the enormous milk storage tanks, getting answers about how milk is cooled and feeling the vacuum of the milking equipment really makes milk production come to life for the children.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in chief Poultry World