Photo report: Delivering a calf in Russia

24-07-2014 | |
Photo report: Delivering a calf in Russia

Dairy Global visited the farm of Stephan Dürr in Novosibirsk Russia. His ambition is to grow up to 25,000 cows, from 16,900 now. He is an entrepreneur and dealing with large investments and plans decades ahead. That said, he keeps a close eye on day to day matters. A total of 600 people are on the payroll all year round, with an additional 200 people during the summers. There is a business manager for both the agriculture as the livestock branch. Taking care of his personnel, paying them in time and investing in training ensures that they are doing a good job. Delivering a calf on a mega farm in Russia needs full focus and a lot of attention, as it does on small family farms.

Robert Bodde Editor in chief dairy and pigs at Boerderij