Photo report: Making Gouda cheese in Wisconsin

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Photo report: Making Gouda cheese in Wisconsin

Making Gouda cheese in Wisconsin is what Dutch immigrants Rolf and Marieke Penterman specialised in when they opened their new cheese farm in the village of Thorp. They chose to open up the farm and cheese making facility for visitors to enhance the image of dairy and cheese production and as a promotional tool for they own cheese outlet. The Pentermans milk 370 cows and the herd consists of Brown Swiss and Holsteins. They are milked 3 times a day, with a mean yield of 82 pounds per day. About one third of the milk finds its way to the cheese making facility, the rest is collected by Lynn Dairy. What makes the Pentermans different from other Wisconsin cheese makers; they use raw milk instead of pasteurised milk, the best ingredient for tasty cheese.

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