100,000 visitors at Trouw R&D centre

07-06-2017 | |
100,000 visitors at Trouw R&D centre. Photo: Trouw Nutrition
100,000 visitors at Trouw R&D centre. Photo: Trouw Nutrition

In April, the 100,000th visitor was welcomed at the Trouw Nutrition R&D facilities in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. Leo den Hartog, R&D Director, welcomed Canadian customer Lactech.

The aim of Lactech’s visit was to gain knowledge from the latest calf and precision nutrition research at our calf and dairy research facility in the Netherlands.

Leo den Hartog: “In the past years the number of visitors to our research facilities has spiked, among which customers, industry partners, academia and students from more than 60 countries from all continents. Our innovation and R&D activities are driven by the belief that we must bring knowledge and technology to the market, faster and more effectively. Our R&D facilities are pivotal for this, and customers recognise that. Visits to our ruminant, swine, poultry and ingredient research facilities have a significant contribution in accelerating technology transfer.”

The research facilities in the Netherlands are part of the broader Trouw Nutrition R&D network of 5 research centres located in Canada,the Netherlands and Spain. To further validate its research results, Trouw Nutrition R&D has established validation centres on 5 continents where they collaborate with leading universities and regional science partners.

Lactech is a partnership of Agri-Marché and Shur-Gain, and a leader in the Shur-Gain network in Quebec, Canada. Lactech has 3 feed mill facilities in the province of Quebec and is currently selling the full dairy product portfolio of Trouw Nutrition.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor