3G Processing makes feed from food waste

03-12-2010 | |

3G Processing, a food processor, is investing $6 million and creating 90 jobs in Mountain Grove, Missouri, USA.

The company will renovate a steel plant for a facility that will turn food waste into animal feed.
"With 90 local jobs being created, this is great news for the economy of a and the surrounding area," said Governor Jay Nixon.
3G Processing is owned by the Grisham family, which also has operated Grisham Farm Products in the Mountain Grove area since 1994.
3G will receive nearly $306,000 in Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) tax credits towards the project.
The company will intake more than 500 tonnes of food waste daily to turn into feed, primarily for chickens.
Some of its biggest clients include Tyson, ConAgra, and General Mills.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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