ABCA marks 1st year anniversary at Poultry India 2013

28-11-2013 | |
ABCA marks 1st year anniversary at Poultry India 2013

A British company with China-based animal feed additive supplier, ABCA, will mark an excellent first year in India by taking part in Poultry India 2013.

At this year’s exhibition, ABCA will be launching a new campaign: “Super Immunity, Fighting Fit,” focused on improving animal health and immunity through feeding natural ingredients, such as yeast cell wall. AB MOS, a yeast cell wall product high in mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) and beta-glucan, is derived from a superior strain of baker yeast sourced from Germany and produced to food grade standards.

Dr Kim Huang, ABCA’s Technical Sales Director South East Asia, explained, “AB MOS supports the bird’s first line of defence through maintaining gut health and enhancing immunity. A recent broiler trial demonstrated a significant increase in weight gain and improvement in feed conversion ratios in birds fed with yeast cell wall compared to the Bacitracin Methylene Disalycylate treatment group. The meat also contained less fat and the gastrointestinal tract looked healthier.  These were just some of the advantages that were observed.”

Performance over the last year indicates great promise for ABCA’s future in India and has reaffirmed this market as a key growth region for the business in Asia.  Led by Dr Romila Iyer who has secured excellent distributor support locally, ABCA has established a strong foothold in the Indian feed and livestock market.

“The last twelve months have been tough for the Indian poultry industry, due to pressure on ex-farm chicken prices that have not been compatible with the cost of production. However, we have remained committed to our conviction in the importance of using safe, natural products to address some of the challenges we face in today’s livestock sector.  Responsible innovation is one of our core values and I am proud to see a growing number of leading livestock producers sharing these values,” said Dr Romila Iyer, Business Manager South Asia, ABCA.

The ABCA booth will be located in Hall 1, Hitex, Hyderabad from 27th to 29th November.

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