ABN acquires Flixborough feed mill

24-02-2009 | |

ABN announces the acquisition of the Flixborough feed mill from JE Porter, pending regulatory approval from the UK competition authorities.

This acquisition helps to underpin ABN’s long term strategy to be the supply chain partner of choice for the British pig and poultry industry and to team up with progressive businesses who are committed to playing a part in the future of GB food supply chains. It is also another sign of ABN’s commitment to the British pig and poultry industry through an investment in a very modern mill.

“We decided to purchase the Flixborough mill primarily because one of our key and expanding customers, Hook 2 Sisters, wanted to do more business with ABN.  We have been supplying a significant and growing volume of business to Hooks 2 Sisters over the past two years as a direct result of our professionalism with managing raw material procurement, operational efficiencies and product performance” said ABN Managing Director, Alan Murphy. “Coupled with this is the recognition of our intention for ongoing investment with delivering quality nutrition products to the entire UK pig and poultry supply chains.”

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor
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