AgraStrip® GMO RR Test Kit granted approval

14-05-2009 | |

Romer Labs® is pleased to announce that its AgraStrip® GMO RR Test Kit for the detection of CP4 EPSPS protein has had its performance verified by the USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) and approval was granted for official use at US National Grain Inspection Facilities.

The AgraStrip® GMO RR (CP4 EPSPS) Test is a one-step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay which can reliably detect as little as 1 transgenic CP4 EPSPS seed in 1000 seeds (0.1%) and 1 transgenic CP4 EPSPS leaf in 100 leaves (1%) of cotton or corn. Furthermore, as little as 1% transgenic CP4 EPSPS may be detected in toasted soy. The expression of CP4 EPSPS transgenic protein in plants results in a resistance to glyphosate, a broad spectrum, non-selective systemic herbicide.

Glyphosate, which is commonly known under the commercial brand name Roundup®, is effective in killing all plant types including grasses, perennials and woody plants. As a herbicide, glyphosate works by being absorbed into the plant mainly though its leaves but also through soft stalk tissue. It is then transported throughout the plant, where it acts on various enzyme systems inhibiting amino acid metabolism in what is known as the shikimic acid pathway. Plants treated with glyphosate slowly die over a period of days or weeks, except for the Roundup Ready® varieties, which have been genetically modified to resist.

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