Al-Meezan Feeds; emerging feed miller of the year

17-06-2014 | |
Al-Meezan Feeds; emerging feed miller of the year

Dr. Swaidat, responsible Area Sales Manager of EW Nutrition for Pakistan, was pleased to congratulate Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf and Haroon Saeed Choudhry of Al Meezan Feeds personally in Karachi, Pakistan for achieving the 2014 Emerging Feed Miller of the Year Award.

Dr. Swaidat along with Muhammad Irfan Ghazi, CEO/President, Ghazi Brothers  took the opportunity to hand over an invitation for the next Poultry Feed Quality Conference scheduled to be organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  from 21 to 22  August 2014.

Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf and Haroon Saeed Choudhry appreciated the invitation and said that it will be one further brick in the wall building up continuously a business that is built on quality, customer orientation and knowledge transfer. “For us it is a positive appraisal of our work we have done so far and we will of course use the brilliant opportunity to bring home new aspects in poultry feed production”.

The Emerging Feed Miller award, sponsored by EW Nutrition and organised by Asian AgriBiz Publishing, is a complementary award designed to encourage feed millers in emerging markets to participate on the global market and to bridge the gap between production and applied science

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