AllAboutFeed 6th edition highlighting ‘Asia’ and ‘Enzymes’

14-08-2013 | |
AllAboutFeed 6th edition highlighting ‘Asia’ and ‘Enzymes’

The current issue of AllAboutFeed features the latest market developments in China, India and southeast Asia, plus the contribution enzymes have made to the animal feed industry.

Asian markets

The market expansion is being discussed a lot, but what have the market and producers recently been up to? A series of interviews with local experts from ABCA – how they view the challenges facing the feed suppliers. Also, specialists at Muyang explain the firm growth of Asian aqua feed markets and their surging demands for high quality and high production capacity of feeds. In addition, BASF executive talks about aflatoxins in Asia Pacific, highlighting options of how to prevent contamination or minimise the impacts in the region.

Enzymes have made an important contribution to feed formulation and thus the animal feed industry over the past 25 years. Its development so far and the opportunities for the next decade are discussed. Also highlighted are the characteristics and opportunities of phytase and protease.

Furthermore, Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School gave a talk during the AgriVision in June, emphasising the importance of ‘Creating Shared Value’ as the new way for any organisation. Today most companies speak of sustainability and social responsibility, but how do we integrate them into company strategy? Porter gives decision makers ideas of how to set strategies in such a way that the company activities harmonise with society and the environment.

There are also articles on innovative solutions of feed ingredients; gut sensing effects of sweetening additives, and the different processing techniques of cereals and the effects on the starch digestibility of pigs.

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