AllAboutFeed magazine: April issue now online

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AllAboutFeed magazine: April issue now online

The April issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue explains the need for a good safety plan when handling grain, what Fefac thinks about the current GM crop debate and why meat on a pet food label doesn’t necessarily mean there is enough protein in the diet.

Grain handling: safety first!

It’s that awful news flash that you don’t want to see in your inbox: ‘Man dies from entrapment in grain silo’. Unfortunately, these accidents still occur on a regular basis. In the article on page 18 of this issue, Katy Murray explains that valuing workers’ safety and well-being are crucial for a company’s success, particularly within a potential dangerous environment such as grain handling. “Installing the proper equipment in bins, hoppers and silos is the first step in reducing the risk of accidents caused by entrapment and explosions, as well as following proper safety procedures”.

Interview with Fefac president

AllAboutFeed talked to Ruud Tijssens, president of the European umbrella organization of animal feed companies Fefac. According to Tijssens, the European standards and ideas about genetic engineering, sustainability and food safety are not in line with the import-dependent situation where the EU is in. Regarding GM varieties he said: “In many European states, there is clearly a lot of resistance against the cultivation of genetically modified crops in the EU. However, the suppliers of GM soya and maize have been fully embraced by other parts of the world. The US is close to 100% for these crops and practically all farmers in Brazil and Argentina grow GM crops. So the European feed sector has not a lot to choose.”

Meat first in pet food

In his bimonthly column, Anton Beyen from Vobra Special Pet Foods explains that many dog and cat owners want to feed their pets on a meat-based diet with plentiful animal protein. “They look for foods that are meat-first in their ingredient listings. Pro-actively, various pet food labels highlight a meat species as first ingredient. But meat-first does not guarantee a sizeable proportion of animal protein, whereas meat-first, high-protein foods can have health drawbacks”.

Also covered in this issue:

  • Mycotoxin biomarkers: a tool for early detection
  • Feed in focus on record breaking IPPE
  • Reducing liver damage with milk thistle
  • Effects of zinc oxide on intestinal microbiota
  • India’s dairy ambitions are high, but feed is a problem
  • Natural antioxidants help piglets through weaning

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor