Animal feed company expands operations in Colorado

09-05-2012 | |

JD Heiskell & Co, a grain, commodity trading and livestock feed manufacturing company based in Tulare, California, USA, is expanding its grain trading and origination operations in Colorado, including in Fort Morgan and Wiggins.

"J.D. Heiskell & Co. has served the Colorado dairy industry for seven years and has recently opened a new regional office in Windsor," states Robert Hodgen, Heiskell’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Business Development. The new office in Windsor will house ten employees whose primary focus is trading grain and feed commodities in the region.
Having made a significant commitment to the region with the addition of both people and physical assets, the company plans to focus on originating grain from farmers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. It will also continue to grow its business of supplying feed ingredients and grains to local feedlots and dairy producers

Founded in 1886, the company trades grains and commodities throughout the western US and into Mexico and the Pacific Rim countries.


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