Anitox Termin-8 feed disinfectant gets Turkish approval

15-09-2011 | |

The Turkish authorites have given official approval for the use of Anitox Termin-8, which is a proven feed disinfectant which sits under EU biocide regulations and eliminates the risk of pathogens in raw materials and finished feed.

This is expected to contribute significantly to increased sales for Anitox in Turkey, where Termin-8 and other products in the company’s range are distributed by Etkin Ilac Ticaret Ltd. Based in Istanbul, Etkin prides itself on supplying a range of high-quality products and services to livestock producers and feed manufacturers, including four of the country’s top five integrators.
Developed and manufactured by Anitox, Termin-8® provides effective control of gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli together with gram-positive types such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. The product also controls spore-forming bacteria such as Clostridium, together with mould in feed and feed ingredients, whilst exhibiting residual activity to protect against recontamination while feed is in the mill, during transport, or on the farm.
Research by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found that a feed treatment with a formula identical to that of Termin-8® provided a more effective, cost-efficient solution compared with heat treatment, with the benefit of residual protection. The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) also confirmed the effectiveness of Termin-8® when it approved a label claim that the product prevents recontamination of feed for up to 21 days. The product works only in feed, which means that beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract are unaffected, no residues are left in tissue, eggs or milk and there is no withdrawal period.
Anitox: A world-leader in pathogen elimination and mould control products for the feed milling and primary meat, egg and fish production industries, Anitox now supplies its products and services to feed manufacturers and livestock producers in more than 50 countries. Demand for Termin-8® continues to increase, with most of the world’s Top 25 feed manufacturers now using the product and over 25 million tonnes of feed and raw materials being treated with it annually to ensure that they are pathogen-free.

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