Anticoccidial Coxidin® 200 gains EU approval

09-02-2007 | |
Anticoccidial Coxidin® 200 gains EU approval

The anticoccidial Coxidin® 200 microGranulate has gained EU approval for use in broilers and turkeys.

Coxidin® 200, produced by Biovet (a subsidairy of
Huvepharma) is added to the diet to prevent chickens and turkeys from being
infected with Eimeria. It contains 200 gram monensin sodium per kg and is
available as homogenous premixture.


The new, granulated formulation has a major advantage
over other formulations that still use the outdated and inefficient technique of
simple mixing, which may result in variable concentrations of active particles
in the feed. The new granulated formulation in Coxidin enables the correct
dosage of the active ingredient to be mixed in the animal feed and applied to
the bird, regardless of the age or weight. The granulation technique also helps
to prevent granules from segregating during production, transportation and

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