Aquaculture at EuroTier: Fish, farming, food

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Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

Hall 24 at Hanover’s Fairgrounds will be all about fish, algae, mussels and everything that grows in the water and thrives during EuroTier 2016, which takes place from 15 to 18 November.

Aquaculture is now a small but powerful part of this leading exhibition for animal husbandry and management – indeed more than 10,000 visitors named it as one of their reasons for visiting EuroTier in 2014.

Fish & Facts in the Forum

The Aquaculture Forum at EuroTier 2016 is the largest aquaculture information event in Germany. This year’s forum will provide a stage for 50 speakers in 10 themed blocks, three panel discussions and two evening events. Practitioners and experts from Germany and the neighbouring countries with years of experience in aquaculture will give presentations on fish, farming, food, technology and marketing, with the program available in German and English.

The Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection for the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Dr Till Backhaus, will officially open this year’s forum in Hall 24 at 10:00 on Tuesday, 15 November. Often dubbed as the industry’s aquaculture minister, he has supported and promoted the development of this innovative industry in the state in recent years.

Showcasing the diversity of aquaculture

The special ‘Growth in the water’ will showcase the diversity of aquaculture. Here, fish, shellfish, algae, crustaceans and their food will all be shown. This feature will provide the answers to many questions including: what are microalgae, how do they grow and who uses them? What are salmonids? What do mussels look like? And what feedstuffs are used in aquaculture?

More information on the technical program and forums can be found on

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