Are you “technology” ready?

09-07-2012 | |
Harrij Schmeitz Agri & Food chains
Are you “technology” ready?

When you look at the implementation and acceptance of new technology in the Feed & Petfood-industry you always see the same. Thresholds which are slowingdown, sometimes even killing, the move forward.


But what are the main issues you have to look at to make it a success.
Market Pressure
Should implementation of new technologies always be market driven. New concepts of consumersproducts, new chainconcepts, are a good basis to implement new technologies. But not only on the consumer side, farmers also have to be taken into account.
On the other hand: Did a farmer or consumer ever ask for the implementation of expanding or extruding?
Business case
It is important to look at each new technology and ask “does it put money in your pocket”. This is the basis for a healthy industry. But is this business case only about money or is it also the use of new commodities, health, animal welfare, durable production, market potential, etc. In a lot of industries, investments in new , promising and durable technologies are allowed to have a longer return-on-investment.
How is this in feedmills?
Organizational Readiness
But in my opinion, the above arguments are secondary if your organization is not ready, to adopt new technologies. People have one main bad habit: they hate change. So our main focus is to keep everything as it is. Because it‘s going good, it works, it’s too busy, it’s to new, …….
The question is “How do we change this?”. I’m convinced of one thing; not with market pressure and a good business case. Any advice???