Argentina’s grain crop about the set record

09-02-2007 | |

Argentina’s 2006/07 grains harvest could reach a record 94 million tonnes. This is around 10 million tonnes bigger than its bumper 2004/05 crop, according to President Nestor Kirchner.

“Argentina’s harvest could reach 94 million tonnes, when the record was 84
million tonnes in 2004,” Kirchner said .Argentina is the world’s third-biggest
exporter of soybeans, and most industry analysts forecast soy output greater
than last season’s record 40.5 million tonnes because farmers have dedicated
more land to the oilseed.

The South American country is also the world’s
number 2 maize supplier after the United States and a top-five wheat exporter.
In the 2005/06 crop year, Argentina produced just over 77 million tonnes of
grains, which include soybeans, with dry conditions hitting some crops. Grains
production in the 2004/5 crop year was 84.6 million tonnes, according to
official figures.

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