August feed update: What did you miss?

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Weekly update on Feed Businesss. Photo: Shutterstock
Weekly update on Feed Businesss. Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments from August to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the global animal feed industry.

Syrena Boost: Delacon enters aqua market

Delacon’s aqua team announces the global launch of Syrena Boost, a phytogenic solution to serve modern aquaculture practices. The micro-encapsulated premixture of specific saponins, spices and essential oils targets gut performance and productivity for all aqua species.

To date, trial results are available for Tilapia and, according to the company, show improved feed intake (6%), a boost in specific growth rate (5%), and a ROI (4:1).

Elanco closes acquisition of Bayer Animal Health

Elanco Animal Health has closed the acquisition of Bayer Animal Health with the transaction valued at US$6.89 billion. The purchase expands Elanco’s portfolio to provide farmers, pet owners, and veterinarians more comprehensive animal health solutions. Furthermore, the combined company brings together complementary farm animal portfolios to provide farmers, pet owners, and veterinarians more comprehensive animal health solutions.

Crespel & Deiters launches wheat-based livestock feed

Following a restructuring of its product portfolio, the Crespel & Deiters Group has introduced Trigea and Crespeo. Trigea’s Trigovit product line includes functional ingredients for pet food, and Crespeo is a division for farm animal feed, the range of which focuses on applications for the feed market.

Photo: Crespel & Deiters

Photo: Crespel & Deiters

All products are designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals and come from GMO-free EU cultivation. As a highly digestible source of protein and carbohydrates, wheat offers ideal nutritional value, but also provides functional benefits to optimise stability, texture and taste.

Distrivet and Bioiberica partner in Spain

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition has partnered with Distrivet for the exclusive distribution of its Nucleoforce range to develop the market for nucleotides for animal nutrition in Spain. Nucleoforce is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors obtained from yeast extracts, and has been designed to meet the needs of production animals, providing the nutrients necessary for the proper development of their immune and digestive systems.

Huvepharma’s Hostazym X improves nutrient digestibility

A trial conducted at ILVO, Belgium, demonstrated that Huvepharma’s Hostazym X can improve nutrient digestibility.

Photo: Huvepharma

Photo: Huvepharma

The trial concluded that including Hostazym X in the diet of lactating sows at 1,500 EPU/kg significantly increases the nutrient digestibility of the feed, especially hemicellulose and NSPs, and supports sow zootechnical performance resulting in better body condition (less weight loss).

Tonisity Breaks Ground in China

Animal health and nutrition company, Tonisity International, announces Tonisity China, a new joint venture with Impact Asia, an investment firm based in Hong Kong. Tonisity China is exclusively responsible for Tonisity’s range of animal health and nutrition products, particularly in young pigs. The company is focused on developing supplementary nutritional products that create physiological changes in the gut of young animals. The company’s first product, Tonisity Px, was the first isotonic protein drink for piglets.

Trouw Nutrition launches “learn on demand” webinars

Trouw Nutrition launches a series of real-time and on-demand research chats. Free-of-charge and open to stakeholders throughout the animal industry, the content focuses on emerging research that impacts animal health and performance on commercial farms and in feed mills worldwide. The webinars share how research findings can support feed, farm and health management strategies. One of the topics to be discussed on 8 October is ‘Copper, the gut health benefit to grower finisher pig production’. Register here.

Geelen Counterflow sells second electric dryer

Geelen Counterflow has started the engineering and manufacturing of the second electric dryer for extruded petfood, to be installed in 2021 in China. High temperature industrial heat pumps will supply 2400 kW of heat to a 7-deck counterflow dryer and 65% of that heat will be recovered and re-used in the dryer. The first electric dryer is being assembled in South Korea for another customer and will be commissioned in 2021.

Photo: Geelen Counterflow

Photo: Geelen Counterflow

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer launches new website

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer has launched its new website. The company’s core business is the production of compound feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and pets, and in 2019 produced about 2.7 million tonnes of feed.

Innovators set on transforming the livestock industry

How are animal health, nutrition and precision farming emerging from the current crisis and how can we create a more connected future for the livestock industry? To answer these questions, 10 international animal agtech start-ups will pitch their innovative technologies at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on 14 September. The categories for the event are precision livestock farming, aquaculture, animal health, and the microbiome & feed.

MSD completes acquisition of rights to Vecoxan

MSD Animal Health has completed its acquisition of the worldwide rights to Vecoxan (diclazuril), an oral suspension for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in calves and lambs, from Elanco Animal Health, and is available in Europe, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.

Hamlet Protein expands US and Latin America teams

Hamlet Protein has hired poultry nutritionist Kyle Brown to target growth in the poultry segment in North and Central America. Brown received his BS in Poultry Science, and is currently completing his PhD in Poultry Science. He has done extensive research on the use of non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzymes and has evaluated the effect of different mineral sources on broiler performance. His dissertation research is evaluating the efficacy of exogenous enzymes in corn-soybean meal diets with varying nutrient profiles.

Jose Luis Laparra, Kyle Brown and Angela Mejia. Photo: Hamlet Protein

Jose Luis Laparra, Kyle Brown and Angela Mejia. Photo: Hamlet Protein

The company has also hired 2 technical sales consultants to support the company’s growth in Latin America. The consultants will focus on driving market penetration in swine nutrition, and on supporting

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