Aussie aquaculture production must double

05-08-2008 | |
Aussie aquaculture production must double

A peak aquaculture group predicts Australia’s fish farms are going to have to double their output within seven years to keep up with demand.

Craig Foster from the National Aquaculture Council –
speaking at the Australasian Aquaculture Conference in Brisbane this week – says
fish farms can play an important role in easing the pressure on depleted wild
fish stocks worldwide. He adds, and he says farming can be done year-round and
provide jobs to regional areas.

Most of Australia’s $793 million worth of
current production comes from SA and Tasmania but Queensland, the Northern
Territory and Western Australia are tipped to be central to the industry
doubling production within the next decade. Species such as yellowtail,
kingfish, barramundi and Tasmanian salmon will lead the

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