Australia to import grains for animal feed

06-11-2007 | |
Australia to import grains for animal feed

Due to the intense drought and therefore less winter crops, Australia is going to import grains to compensate for the loss.

Approved imports include wheat and rye from Canada, wheat from Britain, maize
and sorghum from parts of the United States, a range of grains from Argentina
and soybean from Paraguay.

Quality check
In response
to recent requests, the government body Biosecurity Australia was also
performing pest and disease assessments for wheat and sunflower seed from
Ukraine, maize from South Africa and maize from Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee in
the U.S., Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Peter McGauran

Not the first time
It is not the first time
that Australia was forced to import raw materials for animal feed from abroad.
In 2003, Australia imported 476,000 tonnes of corn and wheat from Britain,
Canada and the U.S. after drought decimated crops. This was the first time
Australia, normally one of the biggest exporters of grain in the world, was
forced to import significant quantities of grain.


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