Aveve Biochem to distribute Kokcisan in EU

18-06-2010 | |

Aveve Biochem has signed a joint agreement with KRKA for the distribution of Kokcisan 120G, the newest salinomycin approved in the EU27 (in 2008), under the very stringent Brand Specific Approval procedure (BSA).

Kokcisan® 120G is a broad spectrum anticoccidial, active against all Eimeria species common in chickens.
It has acquired EU-authorisation under Reg (EC) 1831/2003 (registration nr. E766), for use in chickens for fattening.
“With Kokcisan we added another quality product with guaranteed efficacy,” a spokesman for Aveve said.
“The product fulfils the requirements of a high-quality feed additive and is perfectly stable in premixes and in the final feed. It does not affect feathering, skin pigmentation and meat quality after slaughter.
"In the feed mill it has excellent mixability and flow capabilities due to its granulation and has no contamination or carry-over issues. The “Wall Adhesion Factor” is 0.5 vs. 0.9 for the reference product. Ithas minimal amount of dust particles and gives no adverse effect on feed and water intake.”
The anticoccidial is produced by KRKA Slovenia, a manufacturer of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, under strict quality certifications such as ISO, GMP and HACCP.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed