B-TRAXIM: organic copper for ruminants

29-01-2008 | |
B-TRAXIM: organic copper for ruminants

A recently published article in the Journal of Animal Science (Hansen et al, 2008) showed trial data on the bioavailability of copper sources for steers.

The organic source B-TRAXIM 2C Cu was compared to the
sulphate form on a 6 months period. Based on multiple linear regression of final
liver Cu, the bioavailability of B-TRAXIM relative to copper sulphate was 140%.

Copper from B-TRAXIM is more bioavailable than CuSO4 when supplemented
in diets high in antagonistic factors like sulphur and molybdenum. This is of
high interest with the increased usage of DDGS, which are rich in

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