Barbados in search for cassava land

23-07-2008 | |

Three thousand acres (1,200 ha) of land may soon be dedicated to cassava production, said chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society, James Paul.

He explained it was part of a plan to find a substitute to the stock feed
currently used on the island.

“We are trying to identify 3,000 acres of
land strictly for the cultivation of cassava. We have also made contacts out of
Colombia and Venezuela where cassava is a major component in their animal
feeds,” he said.

Due to a rise in the cost of feed, the hunt has been on
for an alternative product that brings the same quality feed as that produced
with corn.

“If we can substitute at least 20% of our feed imports that
will go a long way. In terms of poultry feeds, up to 20% cassava can be used
while in cattle and pig feed, 50% can be added.”

He also said the
island’s leading feed manufacturer, Pinnacle Feeds, was on board with the
project to make it feasible and of a good enough quality for

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