Bayer and AgraQuest expand accord on poultry nutrition supplement

14-11-2011 | |

Bayer Animal Health and AgraQuest, have agreed to expand their collaboration and will allow Bayer to become the exclusive distributor of AgraQuest’s Bacillus subtilis QST 713 in selected countries for poultry applications.

The product that will be distributed under the agreement will be Baymix Grobig BS, a feed additive based on AgraQuest’s patented strain of Bacillus subtilis and co-branded with AgraQuest’s trademark Sympatic. Baymix Grobig BS has already received registration in India, Korea and Thailand and is already marketed by Bayer Animal Health in these countries. It will be launched in other key markets throughout Asia and Latin America, with registrations currently in process in eight countries

Baymix Grobig BS is a product designed to be complementary to existing poultry health regimes, brings balance to microflora of the intestinal tract of poultry. The genetically distinct QST 713 strain enhances digestion and has been shown to protect birds from profit robbing diseases such as necrotic enteritis.


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