Bian-fishco opens private fish research institute (+video)

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Bian-fishco opens private fish research institute (+video)

Vietnam’s first private institute of aquaculture research will launch in Can Tho City this week to aid farmers in raising high-quality products.

One of the leading exporters of national aquatic products, the Binh An Aquaculture Join-Stock Company (Bian-fishco) invested over US$ 10 million to construct a new facility for the institute and furnish it with up to date technology.
The institute’s main goal is to conduct research and develop strategic planning in the long term for the aquaculture industry.
Pham Thi Dieu Hien, Bianfishco’s general director, said she founded the establishment to guarantee the aquaculture sector’s sustainable growth, Vietnam News Agency reports.
Value chains
Bian-fishco also aims to create production value chains that satisfy international standards on raising, processing and exporting products.
Fish of higher quality were necessary to meet ever more severe requirements set by buyers in Vietnam and abroad, Hien told.
The institute will also focus on new technologies that can improve the quality of breeds and thus produce higher profits.
It will produce standardised fish feed, drugs and vaccinations to treat fish, biological products to facilitate aquaculture development and research on climate change’s effects on fish breeding.
Ministerial support
The Ministry of Science and Technology has provided the private institute with $132,000 to assist operational management and will offer training to staff.
Outstanding experts from Bian-fishco and staff from Vietnamese universities and other entities will work at the institute.
Bian-fishco plans to partner with universities globally to develop effective models for breeding and processing aquaculture.
Tracing the chain
It is the first company chosen by the ministry to run a project to trace the entire production and distribution chain using information and radio wave technology. This is Vietnam’s first aquaculture project to employ such advanced technology.
The tracing technology will help buyers educate themselves on their purchases, and businesses and exporters will easily find the source of problems and assure produce.
Bian Fishco is a large fish processor. They have an interesting video on their company. Watch Bian Fishco company video HERE. (21 min video. Takes some time to load. Unclick sound of website top banner in right hand corner).

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