Biolek appoints BioPoint for Polish market

22-12-2011 | |

Biolek, a Warsaw, Poland based manufacturer of innovative animal nutrition products recently acquired by Bioton, has signed an agreement with BioPoint, a major Polish maker and distributor of veterinary products, about the marketing of Biolek’s products on the Polish market.

Under a separate agreement, Biolek will become responsible for the marketing of BioPoint’s products on selected foreign markets.
Adam Kiciak, CEO of Biolek, said the distribution agreement in Poland covered the company’s entire portfolio.
As the first step, BioPoint will introduce on the Polish market Biolek’s Suiacid pig feed supplements and Birdacid feed additives for poultry.
According to Kiciak, launching the products in Poland will also help Biolek develop export sales.
The other agreement, under which Biolek will sell BioPoint’s products on foreign markets, covers countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, or Canada.
Kiciak explained that these are markets where Biolek either has already signed contracts with local partners (China) or is about to do so (India, Cuba, Mexico).
On 30 November Biolek expanded its cooperation agreement with Beijing Smile Feed of China to include the manufacture, as well as marketing and distribution, of its veterinary products for the pig sector in China, and signed a 10-year marketing agreement with Beijing Eastern Bell to distribute its Butyrcow, Calfpower, Milkopower, Calfdiarrstop and Calfdiarrprotect products on the Chinese market.
BioPoint is a supplier of highly concentrated feed additives for poultry and pigs, including specialist preparations, vitamins and minerals as well as acidifying preparations.
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