BOCM Pauls takes over Dairy Direct Ltd

22-08-2012 | |
BOCM Pauls takes over Dairy Direct Ltd

Feeds Marketing, part of British feed manufacturer BOCM Pauls, has acquired all shares of Dairy Direct Limited. The takeover fits well within BOCM Pauls’ Total Feed Concept.

Dairy Direct has an office in Icklingham in the east of England from which it sells mineral mixes and premixes to cattle farmers and the feed industry.

Dairy Direct was founded in 1998. Over the past 10 years it has become the largest supplier of feed supplements to UK dairy farmers.

With eight employees the annual turnover is 15,000 tonnes. The company will remain operating as an independent entity.

With the takeover of Dairy Direct BOCM Pauls is strengthening its leading position in the UK-feed industry and in Europe under the umbrella of ForFarmers, who acquired BOCM Pauls in March this year.

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