Book on probiotics and their use published by expert

07-10-2014 | |
Book on probiotics and their use published by expert

Biomin probiotic expert Wael H A Abdelrahman has published a book about probiotics and their use in poultry production.

The book gives a comprehensive overview of the mode of action of probiotics and the theories behind it.

In addition, it highlights the main benefits of using probiotics in poultry production, such as maintaining gut health and integrity, reducing gut inflammation, modulating the immune system, preventing bacterial lameness, preventing reproductive tract infections, combating various enteric pathogens and improving performance.

The chapters of this book illustrate various studies which show the efficacy of probiotics in reducing livestock and poultry diseases, potentially reducing the need for antibiotic intervention, in addition to improving production performance.

Covered topics include:

  • Probiotics – basic concept, mode of action and product development aspects;
  • Intestinal integrity and the reduction of leg abnormalities in poultry;
  • Probiotics in laying hens – prevention of reproductive tract infections, and
  • Probiotics and coccidiosis control in poultry

You can order the book here.

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