Breakfast food bars introduced for dogs

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Breakfast food bars introduced for dogs

All American Pet Co. Inc., makers of super-premium dry dog foods, announces the newest addition in their line of cardiac veterinarian recommended products: The first every food bars for dogs: Grrr-nola(TM) Natural and Bow Wow Healthy Breakfast Bars.

The Bar’s formula is recommended for a multi-meal-a-day program which helps maintain the pet’s proper weight and regulates their metabolism by reducing portion size and increasing meal frequency which also limits the potential for bloat. The same formula also reduces the potential for Type II Diabetes and various cardiac complications with supplementary heart-healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The bars are available in four flavors: Grrr-nola Natural(TM) (chewy protein, fiber and natural flavor), Chompians(TM) (bacon and egg flavor), Chewa Bunga(TM) (mixed berry flavor) and Fido Flakes(TM) (chewy protein, fiber and natural flavor), The bars are available as single 4oz and by the box of twelve.

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