BRI partners to engage the South Asian poultry market

02-10-2014 | |
BRI partners to engage the South Asian poultry market

BioResource International, Inc. (BRI), a global biotechnology company specialising in cost effective enzyme solutions for animal nutrition, has signed a marketing agreement with Jubilant Life Sciences, an integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company, for marketing and distribution of selected feed enzyme products in South Asia.

Jubilant, recognised as the second largest manufacturer of Vitamin B3 (Niacin and Niacinamide) in the world and for its leadership in vitamins for the animal nutrition market, will be the exclusive  marketing partner of BRI’s Xylamax and XylaQuick products in South Asia. Jubilant will market and distribute Xylamax and XylaQuick to large volume poultry producers, feed integrators, and animal health and nutrition consultants throughout India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

“The addition of Jubilant Life Sciences to our alliance of global business partners marks the beginning of the next phase of our strategic growth plan,” said Dr. Giles Shih, CEO, BRI. “We look forward to a successful, long-term partnership with Jubilant and their customers in the South Asia market.”

Xylamax, BRI’s newest product, is an intrinsically thermo-stable xylanase feed enzyme delivering consistent, all-around performance in both nutrient release and absorption. It has been scientifically proven to help producers optimise animal nutrition safely and sustainably, the company claims. The XylaQuick (Xylamax Qualitative In-feed Colorimetric Kit) test allows for easy, on-site testing to confirm that Xylamax has been added and properly distributed within the animal feed.

“Strategically, it is a very positive development for us. Jubilant is a significant player in the nutrition market and manufactures a wide range of Nutrition Ingredients for application across feed, food, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, technical and personal care. We are already present in the animal nutrition segment through a range of feed additives. We are happy with our association with BRI as it will help us accelerate and expand our product portfolio into enzymes,” said Pramod Yadav, CEO, Advance Intermediates and Nutritional Products, Jubilant Life Sciences.

Global demand for poultry is on the rise, and increased profits are expected, particularly in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent. According to Investment Information And Credit Rating Agency of India (ICRA), Indian poultry sector has been growing at around 8-10% annually over the last decade with broiler meat volumes growing at more than 10 per cent, while table egg which is growing at 5-6% is mainly driven by increased domestic consumption.

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