Bridge Buster deals with storage problems

16-06-2010 | |
Bridge Buster deals with storage problems

Livestock equipment manufacturer Big Dutchman has launched a new product for avoiding feed bridging, ratholing and flow problems in the feed silo.

The new compressed air operated ‘Bridge Buster’ is a discharge system, suitable for dry and powdery bulk material, particularly for floury grain and premix components.
The product consists of:
1. ventilation nozzles
2. pressure control (automatic/ manual)
3. air hose
Feed extraction
When feed is extracted from the silo, compressed air streams from the mechanism’s vibrating ventilation nozzle to the space between the silo wall and the collar. The vibration and the compressed air make the bulk material flow again. The special design of the collar with double lips prevents material from getting into the nozzle and obstructing it.
The ventilation nozzles are positioned at the respective silo funnel where the extraction problems most often occur.
To prevent infiltration of humidity into the silo, the compressed air control is equipped with a water separator. The mechanism can be newly installed or retrofitted in all silo funnels, storage bins and hoppers.
* economic & low-maintenance system
* combines the advantages of a silo vibrator and an air canon
* no hardening of silo content as in case of traditional vibrators
* outside assembly possible
* installable when the silo is full
* manual or automatic operation
* easily expandable
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed