Bright future for Chinese aquafeed industry

18-11-2009 | |

China is the world’s largest aquatic feed market; because of the huge market for aquaculture feed, there is tremendous room for development, according to Himfr.

Looking at development trends for the entire domestic feed processing industry, China is one of the world’s main countries for producing animal feed, but compared to feed-processing enterprises in developed countries, China’s gaps still exist in terms of scale and technology in the production of aquatic feed.

Thus, with the feed processing industry’s continued expansion and improvement in the level of market concentration, some small, poorly equipped, and backwards feed production enterprises will be eliminated due to increased competition. With increased scale, brand recognition, and technological development to meet future health and environmental requirements of feed processing enterprises, companies will become stronger in developing process, thereby enhancing their ability to participate in global competition.


Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor
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