Bruno Rochet of Lallemand suddenly passed away

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Bruno Rochet of Lallemand suddenly passed away

Bruno Rochet, Business Development Director for Lallemand Animal Nutrition and responsible for the Asian market suddenly died on November 5th 2009. He was married with four children.

Rochet was also President of the European Probiotics Association (EPA), founded in 1999 at his initiattive.
Passionate and a visionary, Bruno Rochet was a convincing spokesman for probiotics in animal nutrition and he contributed greatly to their recognition.
He joined Lallemand in 1998 as Marketing Director, after several years of collaboration with the group as General Manager of Prodeta, a Breton company that pioneered the usage of probiotics in animal nutrition. Before that, he worked for Elanco as Regional Engineer.
Since 2003, Bruno was in charge of developing Lallemand’s animal nutrition activities in Asia. He was also behind the development of probiotic applications for aquaculture, one of his numerous projects, which led last September to the first probiotic authorization in Europe for aquaculture. Bruno was a true ambassador, always ready to travel the world to promote probiotics among the animal nutrition communities.
European Probiotics Association
In 1999, together with Bio-Armor, Lesaffre and Lohmann, he launched EPA, the European Probiotics Association, which he chaired for the past ten years, as one of its most active members. He also initiated the Jules Tournut Prize. Bruno was a member of FEFANA (the EU Feed Additives and Premixtures Association) working group in charge of communicating about probiotics. Passionate about marketing, he was also teaching at the Animal Production Masters in Tours, where he himself graduated.
The editors of Feed Mix, Feed Tech and wishes his family, friends and co-workers all the strenght for the coming time.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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