Buhler installs feed processing line in Poland

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Buhler installs feed processing line in Poland

Poland’s compound feed sector has grown between 2004 and 2007 but seem to consolidate as more feed mills fail to capture the new European Union (EU) requirements. Buhler has offered its knowledge to the country and teamed up with the poultry integrator Cedrob to install a complete animal feed processing package.

The EU has a strict set of regulations whose requirements in regards to feed hygiene, traceability and animal health are slowly but steadily increasing. Poland’s feed industry will need to abide by these regulations in order to capture the opportunity for continued future growth in production and turnover.

Cooperation with integrator
Buhler, offering process design engineering and equipment has therefore teamed up with the poultry integrator Cedrob. Buhler worked together with Cedrob to create a complete process design package and equipment for the production of 35 to 60 tonnes/hour of 3.5 mm pellet poultry feed.

Safe feed
In particular, the HYSYS compacting and pelleting system from Buhler will ensure safe feed production due to its steel construction, the “first in-first out” principle guaranteeing identical retention time for each product batch, and the high-temperature heating of the product to 95 degrees Celsius killing microorganisms and salmonella.

This together with a new intelligent mixing and grinding system requiring less electrical energy brought a product which is highly successful in the market.

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