Bühler & Intelscan sign deal on moisture control systems

07-05-2012 | |
Bühler & Intelscan sign deal on moisture control systems

Swiss-based company, Bühler, has signed a contract with Intelscan, for the supply of on-line moisture control systems to be installed at a large feed producer later this year.

Intelscan will supply 16 iScan sensors along with its AquaSmart software. “We are thrilled to work with Bühler who is a leader in the supply of equipment for the animal feed industry," says Auðun Georg Ólafsson, director of sales and marketing at Intelscan. "We are also grateful for this opportunity to work with producers on a large scale to minimize waste and to optimize the quality of their products. The co-operation with Bühler is recognition of years of development work that we have put into making the sensor accurate and reliable”.

Intelscan has been supplying moisture sensors for animal feed production for several years. In addition, the company also provides software (the AquaSmart software) to optimize the water dosing process to ensure the optimum product quality. The proven concept of measuring moisture content in feed during mixing and cooling stages has meant a dramatic increase in both revenue and product quality amongst Intelscan’s customers.

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