Canada invests heavily in new flax products

19-04-2007 | |
Canada invests heavily in new flax products

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the Canadian Wheat Board will invest $4 million in the Flax Canada 2015 Phase II, an industry-government initiative to support the commercialization of innovative flax products into existing and new markets.

Over the next 10 years, the Flax Canada 2015
will enhance current and develop new uses for flax in four areas:
human and animal health, fibre and industrial use. The goal is to increase the
value of flax crops to $1.5 billion from its current value of $300 million
through research, innovation and commercialization.

“Flaxseed is one of the major oilseed crops in Manitoba and
carries significant potential for increased demand from the food sector and
consumers because of its health benefits,” said Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
Rural Initiatives Minister Rosann Wowchuk. “Encouraging innovation will build on
this demand, increasing market value and providing a better return on investment
for producers.”

The Flax Canada 2015 Phase II Initiative will be managed
by Flax Canada 2015 Inc., a national non-profit organization based in Winnipeg,
Manitoba. The organization is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Flax Council of

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