Canadian Bio-Systems expands with takeover

26-10-2011 | |

Calgary based feed additive and enzyme maker Canadian Bio-Systems has bought itself “added presence” in the Ontario market by taking over Oshawa Specialty Products.

Oshawa Specialty Products, a major provider of feed supplements, yeast products and feed flavourings, was bought for an undisclosed sum.
The deal "enhances our capacity and services across the board and brings added presence to support our customer base in Eastern Canada and the north-eastern US," president Owen Jones of Canadian Bio-Systems (CBS) said in a release.
Apart from raising CBS’s overall manufacturing capacity, the deal brings "added fermentation capability, an essential component of this type of processing" to the table, the company said.
Additional "key technologies" held by the Oshawa-based firm will also boost CBS in the "environmental service" field, Jones said. "The purchase instantly broadens our ability to service this fast-expanding market."
CBS’s own product line in the same market includes Bactri-pond, a combination of live microbials and enzymes to help trap dissolved nutrients that cause unwanted algae development.
The Calgary firm’s products also include feed flavouring agents, silage inoculants, pellet binders and a marigold-based pigment to help colour broilers’ skin and egg yolks.

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