Cargill opens specialties canola research centre

13-07-2009 | |

Cargill is expanding its capabilities in canola with the opening of a new specialty canola research and production centre in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The research and production centre opened in late 2008 and will allow Cargill to centralize its hybrid breeding program in the heart of the commercial production region, while giving growers and customers a state of the art facility for furthering knowledge in canola production.
The Cargill Specialty Canola Oils Research and Production Centre will be part of Cargill’s research farm, located about 50 kilometers from Cargill’s canola crush facility in Clavet, Saskatchewan.
The research farm supports Cargill’s specialized hybrid breeding and production trials located across Western Canada, with a focus on developing high-yielding agronomic traits and the next generation of output traits.
The Cargill Specialty Canola Program is built on the strength of Victory and InVigor Health Hybrids. These offer growers a choice of hybrid cultivars that include top yielding Victory with the Roundup Ready herbicide trait and the Liberty Link InVigor Health Hybrids, developed by Bayer CropScience and marketed exclusively through Cargill.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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