Cargill to buy Mountaire’s feed milling

09-01-2007 | |

Cargill Animal Nutrition is continuously expanding its feed processing and marketing share. Officials announced that the company intends to buy Arkansas based Mountaire’s feed milling acitivities.

Cargill Animal Nutrition has signed a purchase agreement with Mountaire
Feeds, Inc. to purchase certain assets of Mountaire’s feed milling and animal
health business, including its Prime Quality feed brand.

Mountaire Feeds
markets a full line of animal feeds in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas, under the Prime Quality Feeds brand. It is
anticipated that the sale will be finalised this month.

According to
officials from both companies, the deal will enable Cargill to combine its nutritional technology and
management systems with the Prime Quality brand’s strong customer base and
market presence.

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