Causes and consequences of global agricultural productivity growth

29-04-2010 | |
Causes and consequences of global agricultural productivity growth

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 11-12, 2010, Economic Research Service (ERS) and Farm Foundation will host a conference on the Causes and Consequences of Global Agricultural Productivity Growth, at ERS.

The purpose of this conference is to share new research findings on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis from different countries and regions of the world.
The papers and presentations will address the measurement of agricultural total factor productivity (TFP), analysis of the factors driving TFP change, and consequences of TFP growth on welfare, competitiveness, poverty, environment, etc.
Another topic we will discuss at the conference is forming a global network of economists who are doing research on agricultural productivity issues. A preliminary agenda is available.
Attendance is free but registration is required due to limited space. Please register to attend.
For more info visit ERS


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