Cheap animal feed for Barbados farmers

28-05-2008 | |

Two businessmen in Barbados have joined forces to offer farmers in the country cheaper feed and a market for their products.

Andrew Bynoe, managing director of Emerald City and
Carlton & A-One Supermarkets, and LaRon Gibbs, managing director of
Cheapside Supplies, are now importing all types of animal feed out of Jamaica
and they are selling it, in some cases, at almost 25% cheaper than current
market prices.

Bynoe told the Daily Nation they had sourced the
feed from New Port Mills Ltd in Jamaica and the first shipment arrived a month
ago. “We are looking at reducing the cost of feed to farmers and we are able to
do this at prices below the current prices,” he said, adding they were importing
feed for pigs, horses, dogs and chickens.

Gibbs, a veteran in the
wholesale business, said the reason they were able to offer the feed cheaper was
because the production cost in Jamaica was much lower than in Barbados. He said
they met with the farmers and the latter were happy about the prices and the
quality of the feed.

He added that they would also have a ready market
for farmers who purchased feed from them. “We have entered into a programme with
them where they can come and get the feed from us, raise the animal and we will
provide the market for their product,” Gibbs stated.

management of Pinnacle Feeds Limited, the leading local producer of animal feed,
said they were not worried about the new competition.

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