China: number 1 producer of aquatic products

14-08-2009 | |
China: number 1 producer of aquatic products

China has produced the most aquatic products in the world for 20 consecutive years, accounting for 70 percent of the world’s total output of aquatic products.

In 1990, China became the first country in the world to have a higher cultivated aquatic product output than caught aquatic product output. In 1986, China promulgated and implemented the "Fisheries Law," legally established the "cultivation first" development guideline, and formed a series of administrative systems including the Provisions on the Administration of Fishery Licensing. All these measures promoted the sustained and rapid development of the fishery industry.

At present, China’s cultivated aquatic product output accounts for 70 percent of its total aquatic product output. Water-saving, efficient, ecological and healthy cultivation modes have become China’s mainstream aquaculture. China’s aquatic product processing capacity and level have both leapt into the forefront of the world. In 2008, there were 9,971 various aquatic product processing enterprises in China with a total processing capacity of 21.97 million tons.

Data issued by the Ministry of Agriculture shows that in 2008, China’s per capita amount of aquatic products stood at 36 kg, 1.6 times higher than the world average. In 2008, China’s fishery output value accounted for about 10 percent of its total farming output value, there were 14.54 million personnel engaged in fishery, and the per capita income of fishermen stood at 7,575 yuan, over 2,000 yuan higher than that of farmers.


Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor