Company update: Fenchem 2011

10-02-2012 | |

Chinese feed additive company Fenchem saw its sales jump to $50 million in 2011, or an increase of more than 40% compared to 2010.

Fenchem’s three overseas offices-Fenchem Inc in USA, Fenchem EU in Czech Republic and Fenchem Malaysia, also had a good development last year.
In 2011, besides the traditional strong products like Natural Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fenchem boosted several products to satisfy the market, like lutein and fish oil omega-3, which contributes strongly to the sales jump. I
n 2012, Fenchem will pay more attention on fish oil omega-3 further development. People in many other regions around the world, besides the Nordic region, are realizing the essential roles of fish oil playing throughout every stage of human life.
Fenchem emphasizes these emerging markets like UK, France and Germany, providing high concentration fish oil together with OEM services.
The company, based in Nanjing China, will also be paying more attention to the domestic market with huge potential and it will be the most important market in the near future.
More importantly, in last Dec. Fenchem set up a new R&D group for tailor-made formulation solutions serving the feed, food and cosmetic industries.
It is believed that this group will provide the customized service to each client and it will be an important new growth point of the business in 2012.
Fenchem, founded in 1995, is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients with high bio-activity and safety, serving the dietary supplements and functional food, cosmetic and feed industries with advanced ingredients and science-based nutrition solution.

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