Company update: InVivo, France

30-01-2012 | |

Favourable grain exports aided InVivo to achieve a record year. Turnover in fiscal year 2010-2011 for the French InVivo Group amounted to €6.1 billion, up 37.2% over the previous year.

This performance is explained by the sharp rise in agricultural commodity prices and the growth of activity of each of its four core businesses: agricultural supplies of seeds and plants, animal nutrition and health, international trade in grains, and green distribution (garden and farm shops).
The international expansion is continuing and now represents 47% of total turnover.
At €35 million net income of the Group was the best recorded since the creation of InVivo ten years ago.
Rebates paid to cooperative members before final values are also a record at €62.4 million.
The period 2010-2011 shows the development of InVivo in its various fields of activity. Several operations were carried out during this period:
  • Strengthening the Group’s positions in breeding with the entry capital of RAGT Seeds,
  • Acquiring the assets of grain company Sodistock for storage and marketing,
  • Increasing its capital in Toepfer International to 20%.
  • Acquiring Malta Cleyton in Mexico and Vitagri in Brazil, which were already for 70% and 50% respectively.
To be able to deal with the global food challenge InVivo increased its R&D efforts. In Vietnam, InVivo NSA strengthening its research capacity in aquaculture and has opened an experimental swine farm.
In France, all the research facilities in plant and environmental sciences has been grouped within InVivo AgroSolutions.
Grain market
2010-2011 is undoubtedly the year of InVivo grain markets grains since sales amounted to €2.79 billion, up 85%.
Conditions very favourable for French exports and resulted in an unprecedented increase in sales volumes exceeding 11 million tonnes.
This figure reinforces its position as the leading French exporter in this field. It strengthens the partnership policy developed with the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and the search for new markets in the Middle East and Sub-Sharan Africa.
In farm supply and plants InVivo shows a turnover of €1.5 billion, up 14.3%.
International development
The international development of InVivo NSA (Nutrition and Animal Health) is taking off with a turnover of €1.34 billion, up 12.5% and 52% achieved abroad.
Their Brazilian, Mexican, Vietnamese and Indonesian branches showed excellent results.
In France, InVivo NSA is actively involved in the consolidation of the French market by creating regional hubs with cooperatives.
Several activities have been restructured and are in working order to gain market share in France and abroad: animal and veterinary health through Qalian laboratory, additives through the Neovia brand, and all laboratories are now grouped in InVivo Labs.

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