COVID-19: Feed companies take necessary measures

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A close-up illustration of Covid-19. Illustration: Shutterstock
A close-up illustration of Covid-19. Illustration: Shutterstock

In anticipation of the global impact of COVID-19 companies in the feed industry are taking the necessary measures to ensure safety of their employees and to continue production. An update of which measures a couple of companies have taken. Full statements and more information can be found on the company websites.


In a press release Adisseo states, “We decided and implemented all necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and subcontractors as well as the continuity of our operations. These measures are adapted according to the spread of the pandemic and the recommendations of the WHO and the Authorities of each country in which Adisseo is present.”

To ensure safety of their employees and limiting the spread of the virus each Adisseo site worldwide has a local pandemic management team whose mission is to implement the necessary preventive and cautionary measures to protect their employees and subcontractors and to limit the spread of the virus. They are coordinated at group level by our Group pandemic crisis management team to ensure a homogeneous, rapid and efficient deployment.

Novus International, Inc

In anticipation of the global impact of COVID-19, Novus created a senior-level response team to proactively manage the burden on our business operations and our customers.

Below an overview of some of the actions taken by Novus:

  • As the virus spread, we implemented globally working remotely (where possible) to reduce the burden on our employees, particularly those caring for children as schools closed and those supporting at-risk dependents. This action was also in accordance with local laws to help reduce the spread of the virus.
  • For those employees whose positions are critical to serve both our colleagues and our customers, we enforced additional cleaning at facilities, created alternative schedules to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.
  • At the first sign of interruption, our Supply Chain and Logistics teams have worked to proactively reduce the impact global supply chain disruptions are having on customers.
  • Although no interruptions are expected, our teams globally have plans in place that will allow us to continue the production and delivery of product in the event it becomes impossible for all employees to report to work.


Alltech, published an open letter to governmental officials worldwide in which the company pleas to give food industries the essential industry status, such as in some countries already is done. In the letter Alltech states: “Feedstuffs, equipment for animal and crop production, and logistics are essential to ensure the certainty of our food supply. We ask that you implement any and all measures at your disposal to protect these vital functions until COVID-19 subsides. We trust you value the importance of a safe, stable food supply. Thank you for your support as we seek, together, to provide security in this time of unprecedented uncertainty”.

The company is establishing a dedicated COVID-19 task force representing all regions of the world. Together, with a team of senior management, this task force will review the latest information, including the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on a daily basis to adapt their approach to this evolving situation.

Alltech also transposed this year’s conference ONE to a virtual event.

Our first priority is the health and safety of attendees, our colleagues and the communities in which we live and work. With that in mind, we will transition this year’s ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference to a virtual event.

Find out more here: https://t.co/cVDE2MeT7Y pic.twitter.com/uNvV6i4PtL

— Alltech UK (@AlltechUK) March 9, 2020


In a press release Biomin states that they strive to support all customers, colleagues and stakeholders to get through these challenging times. In order to ensure consumers receive the products Biomin enacted specific regional and local action plans. Biomin also addresses that all production units are currently operating and products remain available.

Some of the measures Biomin have taken include:

  • An international travel ban for all employees and consultants
  • Cancellation of participation in international conferences and meetings
  • Strict limitation of external visits to offices and production facilities
  • Increased hygiene and cleanliness measures
  • More stringent safety protocols for production and logistics
  • Strict compliance with the guidelines stipulated by local safety and health authorities
  • Revision of cross-border production plans and build-up of stocks
  • Additional protocols and agreements with our upstream suppliers and logistics partners to ensure product availability

GMP+ website

The Coronavirus is also impacting the GMP+ audits for Certified Companies. Planning and conduction the audits is difficult and GMP+ addresses in their newsletter that the audit frequency can be affected and not comply with the GMP+ requirements.

Therefore, GMP+ International gives requirements which give the possibility to postpone audits for a maximum of 6 months as of February 27th, 2020.

  • When the surveillance audit cannot be performed within the total period of 6 months, the GMP+ certificate must be suspended by the CB. Article 2.11 of the GMP+ C6 is applicable.
  • When the re-certification audit cannot be performed the validity of the GMP+ certificate can be extended for a maximum period of 6 months. In order to do this the CB must perform, as stated in article 2.5.a. of the GMP+ C6, an assessment of the quality documentation to collect enough evidence that the Feed Safety Management System is effective.
  • The re-certification audit on site must be carried out within this permissible extended period. When the CB has performed the re-certification audit on site during the permissible extended period the starting date of the new certificate must be the first date after the original expiration date of the previous certificate.
  • If the re-certification audit on site including certification decision cannot be performed in the permissible extended period, the GMP+ certificate cannot be extended.


In a Tweet Kemin reacts on the impact of the Coronavirus and states to have implemented policies and procedures.


Biochem informed their employees and customers with a letter in which is stated: In this unprecedented situation, all of us at Biochem are concerned about the health and safety of our families, colleagues, customers, and partners. Our hearts are with the people affected by the coronavirus directly and those who are facing severe measures to slow its spread.”

The company developed a couple of measures which safeguard the health of their employees and miminimising the impact on the delivery of products.

  • Working remotely – we have encouraged our employees to work from home where possible to mitigate the risk of teams becoming infected. 
  • On-site safety – all employees who must be on-site (e.g., quality control, productions, logistics) apply strict hygiene protocols and social distancing.
  • Supply of goods – we do everything possible to supply you with our products and services. We have ramped up our stock of raw materials and finished products to ensure a continuous supply to the animal and food production chains. We are in constant contact with our logistic partners to act quickly on any capacity change in the transportation sector.
  • In-person events – we are postponing our in-person events, and seminars and turning some of them into virtual online activities. 

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