Cra-Vac introduces environmentally friendly pellet binder

23-01-2015 | |
Cra-Vac introduces environmentally friendly pellet binder

At the upcoming IPPE, Canadian company Cra-Vac Industries will feature a new pellet binder.

Pellet binders are widely used in manufacturing feed for most species. According to the company its product* addresses the environmental concern of formaldehyde vapour, an element of a commonly used pellet binder chemical called polymethyolocarbide (PMC).

Unfortunately, the known carcinogen formaldehyde is an ingredient in PMC pellet binders. These pellet binders pose a real health risk to mill personnel if they breathe in the dust, requiring them to wear respirators. According to Cra-Vac, this alternative product is a straight substitution for PMC, about two to three pounds per ton. Protein-Plus is >85% protein with nutritive value and is priced competitively to PMC.

According to Cra-Vac’s Ann-Marie Anderson, this product is gaining rapid momentum. “When formulators change ingredients – including pellet binders – they want to make a straight substitution at the same inclusion level, which they can with our product. Feed formulators and mill owners can eliminate worker health risk caused by exposure to PMC with an easy, straight swap to Protein-Plus”, she said.


Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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