Croatia and Bulgaria become full Fefac members

10-06-2013 | |
Croatia and Bulgaria become full Fefac members

At the recent Fefac (European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation) XXVI Congress in Cracow, welcomed the applications for active membership of the Croatian Feed Industry Association (Grupacila Industrije Stocne Hrane – CFIA) and the Bulgarian compound feed manufacturers association (Bulgarian Feed Manufacturers Association – BFMA)

The membership will be entered into force of 1st July 2013. The official agreed was signed by Stjepan Sabljak, CFIA president and Hristineta Stancheva, BFMA president.

CFIA has been observer member since 2008, as is any association representing feed companies based in EU candidate countries. The official integration of Croatia in the EU-28 paved the way to full membership of CFIA. In 2012, CFIA counted 124 members for a total compound feed production of 640,000 t.

With regard to BFMA, their membership is the natural outcome of the development of the national association since the adhesion of Bulgaria to the EU. BFMA represents a compound feed production of 900,000 t for 66 members.

With these two new members and as from 1 July 2013, Fefac will have 24 Associations from 23 EU member states.

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