Danisco invests in betaine with Tereos

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Danisco invests in betaine with Tereos

Danisco and Tereos partners in a significant investment into a new dedicated betaine production facility within the existing bioethanol production plant in Origny (France).


Danisco, supplier of food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions, has announced a pioneering investment in a novel method of extracting betaine from a side-stream of bioethanol production.

Danisco has forged a partnership with the world player in sugar, starch and bioethanol production, Tereos, with a significant investment into a new dedicated betaine production facility within the existing bioethanol production plant in Origny, the biggest sugar beet distillery in the world.
This new facility will be managed and operated by Tereos, with technological support from Danisco.
Increase natural betaine availability
Natural betaine represents a key product in support of Danisco’s strategy to provide innovative healthy nutrition solutions to the animal feed industry.
This investment will substantially increase natural betaine availability, from the fourth quarter 2012, to address the growing and unfulfilled market demand.
The new source of natural betaine will be extracted from the vinasse side-stream of bioethanol production using Danisco’s technology and will be transported to Danisco’s Finnish plant to produce the final Betafin product.
Value of natural betaine
Danisco pioneered the research and application of natural betaine in animal nutrition in the early 1990s and have demonstrated its superior value compared to synthetic alternatives.
Unlike synthetic betaine, natural betaine acts as an osmolyte, improving intestinal health and reducing the negative impact of heat-stress on animal production.
Increase value of distillery by-product
For Tereos, this partnership is the opportunity to increase the value of a distillery by-product and develop its industrial know-how on a large-scale plant.
This new activity will create 20 permanent jobs in the Origny sugar factory-distillery. Tereos will manage and oversee plant operations and Danisco’s investment will bring new skills to the Origny plant.
The parties do not disclose financial details about the investment.
Signing of the documents: Front row (L-R): Yves Belegaud, Executive Officer (Tereos France) and James Laughton, Executive Vice President (Danisco)
Back row (L-R), Philippe Monceaux, Director of Coproducts , Didier Corfa, Industry Director (Tereos France); Gilles Mur, Business Development Director Food and Feed and Juhani Kuusisto, Director of Operations (Danisco).

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