DDGS symposium in Indianapolis

14-04-2010 | |

DDGS, broiler feed, layer feed

This two-day event is now organised for the 14th time and the organizers expect to attract about 200 producers and industry professionals to attend.
Subjects covered are:
  • Carbon budgets and sustainable corn production (Mike Edgerton, Monsanto);
  • Analytical challenges within the market for US distillers grains (Linwood Hoffman, USDA);
  • Measuring supply – use for distillers grains (Daniel O’Brien, Kansas State University);
  • DDGS in poultry diets (Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky);
  • Factor affecting the use of DDGS in broiler diets (Mike Blair, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation);
  • Supplying DDGS to pet food industry (Dale Hill, ADM Alliance Nutrition);
  • Using DDGS in calf creep and growing diets (Kent Tjardes, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed);
  • Logistics of DDGS (Sean Broderick, CHS)
  • Mycotoxins in DDGS – Standardizing non-standard contract terms (Jeff Goetz, CME Group);
  • DDG Futures: A new tool to benefit your business (Rich Jelinek, CME Group);
  • Crude corn oil recovery from distillers soluble (Tong Wang, Iowa State University);
  • Corn ddg and mycotoxins (Victoria Siegel, Office of Indiana State Chemist);
  • Regulating feed in Indiana (Brett Groves, AAFCO)
  • Contribution of fermentation yeast to final amino acid profile in DDGS (Keshun Liu, USDA)
For the complete program and conference details, visit www.distillersgrains.org/symposium.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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