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Although ultimately a victor in World Wars I and II, France suffered extensive losses in its empire, wealth, manpower, and rank as a dominant nation-state. Nevertheless, France today is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader among European nations.

Location: Western Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay and
English Channel, between Belgium and Spain, southeast of the UK; bordering the
Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Spain.

Capital city: Paris
Population: 60,876,136
– metropolital France (July 20076 est.) 

63,718,187 – total

Gross domestic production (GDP) growth: 1.8% (2007 est.)
GDP per capita: $33,800 (2007 est.)


GDP composition by:

Agriculture: 2%


Industry: 20.7%


Services: 77.3% (2007 est.)


Surface area:

Land use:

Total: 547,030 sq km

Arable land: 33.46%

Land: 545,630 sq km

Permanent crops: 2.03%

Water: 1,400 sq km

Other: 64.51% (2005)

(note: Surface area incl only metropolitan France; excl overseas
administrative divisions)

Information source: CIA World Factbook
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